Breast Shaping Surgery

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Posted: November 30, 2022
Breast reconstruction revision is an important step in the breast reconstruction journey. It can be used to fix a ruptured implant, breast discomfort, asymmetry, volumetric differences, and other concerns.  We often hear from patients who are ready to talk about corrective breast reconstruction… Read Full Post
Posted: July 30, 2022
Tissue expanders play an important role in breast reconstruction. They gradually stretch the breast skin and chest wall muscles to make room for breast implants or tissue flaps. Expanders can also be placed to preserve space within the breast wall when reconstruction is delayed. These medical… Read Full Post
Posted: May 18, 2022
Breast reconstruction is rarely completed in a single surgery. Instead, it involves secondary procedures to shape, refine, or otherwise improve the reconstructed breasts. Nipple reconstruction is one of those additional procedures. If you’re considering adding it to your surgical plan, there are a… Read Full Post
Posted: March 14, 2022
It can be disheartening to see that your breasts don’t quite match after reconstruction. However, it’s not entirely unusual. Many different factors can contribute to this result. Learn about the causes of breast asymmetry following reconstruction and the modern techniques to improve it. Common… Read Full Post
Posted: February 23, 2022
You deserve breast reconstruction results that make you feel whole and confident. However, your initial implant or tissue-based surgery might not leave you fully satisfied. Here are five different steps and procedures that could help you feel happier with your new breasts: Give yourself time to… Read Full Post
Posted: December 15, 2021
If you had one or both of your nipples removed during your mastectomy, then nipple reconstruction surgery may be a good way to enhance the results of your breast reconstruction. Some women choose not to pursue this surgery, while others find it is a great match for them. Deciding if nipple… Read Full Post
Posted: December 15, 2020
The goal of breast reconstruction revision surgery is to correct any issues that occurred with your first reconstruction procedure. These problems may affect your appearance, comfort, or health. You may even be looking for reconstruction options becuase you chose to not have reconstruction years… Read Full Post
Posted: April 10, 2020
Our surgeons know how important it is for you to achieve natural-looking breast reconstruction results. After completing your primary reconstruction, they will likely recommend minor secondary procedures to improve your cosmetic outcome. For patients interested in enhancing their breast shape and… Read Full Post