Researching breast reconstruction in Denver, CO

There is a lot of information out there about breast reconstruction. As a woman considering the procedure, you deserve clear, accurate and thorough guidance as you decide what is right for you. The plastic surgeons at The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery have many years' worth of experience in reconstructive breast surgery, and they can provide all the answers you need. To schedule a consultation, please call our team in Denver at (720) 457-4461.

1. A tissue expander will most likely need to be placed prior to breast implant placement.

The muscles and skin are gently stretched over a few months or so, to create enough space and elasticity to support the breast implants or the DIEP Flap.

2. Tissue expanders are not breast implants.

Although tissue expanders somewhat resemble breast implants, they are not the same thing. The expander is more like a balloon. Our plastic surgeons fill the expander with saline fluid, adjusting it over time, in order to gradually expand the skin and muscle.

The woman wearing the expanders can expect them to feel different than breast implants, which are more natural in look and feel. Expanders are slightly stiffer than implants.

3. Breast implants are not the only way to reconstruct breasts.

Breasts may also be reconstructed using a flap of your own skin, fat, muscle and blood vessels. This form of reconstruction uses no foreign objects, only natural tissue. Our plastic surgeons are extensively trained and experienced in this autologous technique. We can help you decide which method of reconstruction is right for you, after assessing your candidacy for each.

4. Breast reconstruction will take some time.

Dr. Chris Williams and Dr. Jeremy Williams will discuss a timeline with you since each woman's procedure plan is unique. It's normal for breast reconstruction to require multiple surgeries. Our team knows how overwhelming this may feel, especially at first, and we are here to provide support and guidance as you proceed.

5. Your entire treatment will be customized to you.

The plastic surgeons at The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery want you to be happy with your results, and confident about your decision to undergo (or opt out of) breast reconstruction. We spend meaningful, one-on-one time with you to go over all the options and to help you get the information you need. We are firmly committed to meeting the individual needs, goals and wishes of each guest. Your breast reconstruction plan is carefully tailored to you and your body.

To get individualized, personalized answers to your breast reconstruction questions in the Denver area, please call The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery at (720) 457-4461.