Autologous breast reconstruction involves using your own tissue to reconstruct breasts after the mastectomy (breast cancer surgery). This type of breast reconstruction uses a flap of your skin, fat and sometimes muscle to rebuild the mound of the breast. There are several different flap techniques that may be used, including:

When our experienced breast reconstruction surgeons move the flap from one area of your body to your breast, the flap's blood supply must be maintained as well. There are two ways this can be performed: a pedicled or a free flap. A pedicled flap's blood supply is left intact but redirected to another area of the body, while a free flap's blood supply is completely detached and microsurgically reconnected to the breast mound – a procedure only a select number of surgeons are qualified to perform, including our breast reconstruction surgeons in Colorado Dr. Jeremy Williams and Dr. Christopher Williams.

There are many advantages to autologous breast reconstruction. By using your own skin and fat to restore your breasts, you can have optimally natural looking breasts. Many women prefer for their breasts to be restored with natural material instead of breast implants. But there are multiple options available to breast reconstruction patients, and no single procedure is right for each person. Our experienced plastic surgeons will help you decide what is right for your goals and expectations.

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