After mastectomy, you may be considering breast reconstruction. You can even plan for breast reconstruction prior to mastectomy surgery, if you haven't yet undergone the procedure. Choosing whether to reconstruct your breasts is a very personal decision. Some women decide they will feel more feminine and confident if they pursue breast reconstruction.

After mastectomy, the methods that can be used to restore the breasts are:

  • Implant-based breast reconstruction: Breast reconstruction using saline or silicone breast implants.

  • Autologous breast reconstruction: Breast reconstruction using a flap of your own skin and fat.

  • Combination approach: Breast reconstruction that combines the use of a skin flap and breast implant for fuller volume.

Breast reconstruction may seem overwhelming. It can feel difficult to know what is best for you and your goals, but our experienced plastic surgeons can explain these options and help you decide if implant-based reconstruction or autologous reconstruction may be right for you. There are advantages to each method, and we'll make sure you get all the information you need to make a decision. We can also show you before-and-after photos of our breast reconstruction patients. Remember, even if you had the mastectomy years ago, you can still be a candidate for breast reconstruction.

To find out what your options are for breast reconstruction after mastectomy in Lone Tree, Colorado, please contact The Breast Center at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate plastic surgeons.