As you learn about reconstructive breast surgery, the terminology can quickly get technical. Although you may already be familiar with many of the terms, our experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons are happy to answer all of your questions about any terminology you've come across. Some of the main surgical terms you may have come across include:

  • Local anesthesia: Local anesthetics are injected into a specific area of the body to create numbness.
  • General anesthesia: General anesthesia typically administered through an IV, possibly in combination with a gas you breathe. Unlike local anesthesia, general anesthesia puts you in a sleep-like state in which you can't feel any pain.
  • Grafting: Grafting is the technique of transplanting tissue from one area of the body to another area. Skin and tissue grafts are sometimes used to in breast reconstruction, as well as fat grafts. These techniques result in optimally natural-looking results.
  • Donor site: The area of your body from which skin, fat and muscle is taken. The graft is then transplanted to reconstruct the breast.

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