Can Breast Reconstruction Be Redone?

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Posted: January 10, 2022

Group of smiling middle-aged womenAlthough you probably believed your breast reconstruction journey was behind you, that may not always be the case. You could decide that you are dissatisfied with your cosmetic results. Or you might develop a complication over time that adversely impacts your health or quality of life.

It is important to realize that you do not need to accept these difficulties. You deserve to love the way you look and feel after your brave battle against breast cancer. Fortunately, breast reconstruction can be redone to solve the problems that you are experiencing post-surgery.

Breast reconstruction revision, also known as corrective breast reconstruction, is sometimes performed shortly after the initial reconstruction. It can also be performed many years later.

Choosing a Surgeon for Corrective Breast Reconstruction

Corrective breast reconstruction is more complex than primary breast reconstruction. If you are dissatisfied with your original procedure, it is crucial to choose a surgeon who has the experience and training necessary to correct the problem at hand while achieving great results.

Our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons are regional leaders in the field. Dr. Jeremy Williams and Dr. Christopher Williams have performed numerous corrective procedures. We invite you to explore the before and after photos in our gallery to see what might be possible.

Is Breast Reconstruction Revision Expensive?

You do not have to let financial considerations keep you from pursuing breast reconstruction revision. In fact, most health insurance providers cover corrective breast reconstruction surgery. 

It is a good idea to confirm your coverage details with your plan administrator. Our team can also talk to your insurance provider on your behalf to verify your corrective surgery coverage.

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