Can You Get Breast Reconstruction Without Implants?

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Posted: June 18, 2022
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Implants are often used to restore a fuller breast shape after mastectomy surgery. In fact, they’re the most common option for breast reconstruction. However, they’re not the only option. 

Instead of getting breast implants, you can decide to pursue something called autologous or “flap” reconstruction. It uses your own skin, fat, and sometimes muscle to recreate your breasts. Keep reading for more information about choosing this surgical approach over breast implants.

Potential Drawbacks of Breast Implants

You might be interested in an alternative to breast implants for several reasons. To start, breast implants don’t last forever. They are actually subject to wear and tear. Eventually, they might even rupture, which will require another procedure to correct. Complications such as visible rippling, asymmetry, discomfort, and tightness can also create the need for revision surgery.

Another consideration is that breast implants tend to look and feel less natural than real breast tissue. However, new silicone materials and design innovations are helping to close this gap.

Explore Your Options for Autologous Reconstruction

Autologous breast reconstruction uses your own tissue in place of implants. The tissue can come from your belly, buttocks, back, or inner thighs. It can be picked up, relocated to your chest, and formed into the shape of a breast. The result looks and feels quite natural.

Our surgeons favor a technique called DIEP flap. It’s a muscle-sparing technique that takes skin and fat from the belly in a procedure that closely resembles a standard tummy tuck. However, it requires microsurgery, which means that few providers are equipped to offer it.

Breast reconstruction using tissue instead of implants is desirable because the results usually last a lifetime. In comparison, breast implants may need to be removed and replaced several times. Autologous reconstructions also hold up better to radiation therapy for breast cancer.

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