Can You Get Fat Grafting Years After Breast Reconstruction?

Fat grafting is used to enhance the cosmetic outcome of both implant and flap reconstructions. It can soften your cleavage, fill in areas that lack a bit of volume, and smooth out any ripples or divots. You may be eligible for this popular touch-up technique even if it has been years since your last breast surgery.

Ideal Candidates for Fat Transfer

It’s never too late for breast reconstruction revision. Fat grafting is a simple secondary procedure that can be performed 5, 10, or 15 years after implant or flap reconstruction. The time that has passed since your previous reconstructive surgery doesn’t have a significant impact on your candidacy.

Instead, what matters most is that you have enough excess fat to use for the procedure. After all, a fat transfer takes fat tissue from other parts of your body to enhance your breasts. As a result, some thin patients may not qualify for this particular revision technique.

Keep in mind that breast fat transfer can address issues with the shape or appearance of your reconstructed breasts. If you want to correct minor imperfections for a more natural-looking result, then fat transfer could be a good match. Problems such as a ruptured implant or capsular contracture, on the other hand, will require a different approach.

Insurance Coverage for Breast Reconstruction Revision

Most health insurance plans cover breast reconstruction revision. That includes any procedures or treatments that may be needed to refine your reconstructed breasts over time.

Don’t assume that you will have to pay out of pocket because your motivations are cosmetic. Federal law requires group health plans to offer certain benefits for elective breast reconstruction. Our staff will gladly contact your provider to determine your coverage.

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