Capsular Contracture After Implant Reconstruction

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Posted: August 15, 2022
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Capsular contracture is the most common problem with implant-based breast reconstruction. Although surgeons employ several preventative strategies, such as thorough health screenings, minimal implant handling, and under-the-muscle placement, capsular contracture still happens. Learn how to recognize this complication and explore your effective treatment options below.

What Are the Early Signs of Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture is a complication that typically occurs during the healing process. In fact, most cases of capsular contracture will develop within two years of breast implant placement.

The first grade of capsular contracture does not produce any symptoms. The formation of the scar tissue does not alter the shape or size of the breasts. They look natural and feel soft.

The second grade of capsular contracture occurs when the breasts feel somewhat firm. At this point, they still appear normal in most cases. Firmness is the only minor symptom that occurs. 

Grade three capsular contracture is characterized by firmness and obvious cosmetic symptoms. Because the scar capsules are squeezing the implants, the breasts look overly round, hard, and distorted. Nipple changes can also occur. However, there is generally little to no breast pain.

The fourth grade of capsular contracture is similar to the third. The difference is that patients also experience breast soreness. Their breasts may feel tender, achy, and painful to the touch.

Can You Fix Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture does not go away by itself. It must be treated by a qualified professional. 

Often, breast reconstruction revision is the best way to fix capsular contracture. During breast reconstruction revision, our board-certified plastic surgeons will remove the breast implant and scar tissue. Then, they will place a new breast implant or perform DIEP flap reconstruction.

Learn More About Breast Reconstruction Revision

We understand that it is upsetting to develop pain or cosmetic problems after breast reconstruction with implants. Fortunately, capsular contracture is highly treatable. 

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