Debunking Common Breast Reconstruction Myths

Woman considering breast reconstruction in DenverBreast reconstruction can be healing, empowering, and transformative. Yet many women who would benefit from the procedure forgo it due to a lack of accurate information.

Patient education is a cornerstone of The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. Our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons want you to make informed decisions regarding your care. Below, we debunk some of the most common myths related to breast reconstruction.

Myth: Reconstruction Must Be Performed Immediately After Mastectomy

Breast reconstruction is often performed on the same day as mastectomy surgery. This approach, known as immediate reconstruction, is desirable because it tends to offer the best cosmetic outcomes.

However, not all women are ready to undergo reconstruction right away, nor do they have to. Delayed reconstruction can be done at any time, even decades after breast cancer surgery.

Myth: Breast Implants Are the Only Option

While breast reconstruction using implants is quite common, it’s not the only option. Autologous reconstruction is an excellent alternative for many women. It uses the patient’s own tissue to rebuild a breast that looks and feels natural. Autologous reconstruction also avoids the long-term maintenance associated with implants.

Autologous techniques, such as DIEP flap, require advanced microsurgical training. This may explain why they aren’t as common as implant techniques despite the significant advantages they offer.

Myth: It’s Impossible to Correct Undesirable Results

Some women aren’t completely satisfied with their breast reconstruction outcome. Worse, they may think that nothing can be done to address the issues they’re facing.

In reality, breast reconstruction revision exists to help patients achieve a more favorable outcome. Breast reconstruction revision can correct aesthetic concerns, complications, and even failed reconstruction. We’ve helped many women who were displeased with implants placed by other surgeons.

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