DIEP Flap for Bilateral Reconstruction Following Double Mastectomy

young model wears swimsuit and white skirt being happy If you’re considering reconstruction after a double mastectomy, DIEP flap is an excellent option. This advanced technique can provide natural-looking lifelong results by using your own excess tissue from the lower abdomen to reconstruct your breasts. 

DIEP flap has a shorter recovery period than other autologous reconstruction options making it the preferred method at The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. In the United States, less than 5 percent of surgeons have the skill to perform this procedure. Our experienced board-certified plastic surgeons are among them. 

Why Choose DIEP Flap Reconstruction?

In addition to natural-looking and feeling results, DIEP flap reconstruction offers the added benefit of longevity. While implant-based reconstruction is the best choice for many breast cancer survivors, DIEP flap doesn’t require implant replacements throughout your life. 

DIEP flap is also a muscle-saving procedure. Unlike other flap procedures, the tissue used from your abdomen doesn’t affect surrounding muscles. Many patients also appreciate the added benefit of a skinnier and flatter waistline.

Some patients express discomfort about foreign medical devices in their bodies. While implants are a safe option, we understand why using your own tissue with DIEP flap could be preferable.

Am I a Good Candidate for DIEP Flap Reconstruction?

Bilateral DIEP flap reconstruction is suitable for many, but not all, breast cancer survivors. Some reasons a different procedure could be a better option include:

  • Very little abdominal fat: If you don’t have enough abdominal fat, you might need to consider other donor sites like your thighs. More tissue is required after a double mastectomy than a unilateral mastectomy or lumpectomy.
  • History of DIEP flap surgery: Tissue can only be taken from the abdomen once, so you’ll want to consider another option if one breast was already reconstructed using DIEP flap or TRAM methods. 
  • Previous abdominal surgery: Past procedures like a colostomy or abdominal wall reconstruction might disqualify you from DIEP flap. Generally, a C-section, hysterectomy, or tubal ligation will not interfere.

The best way to find out if DIEP flap reconstruction is right for you is to consult with one of our surgeons who specialize in the procedure.

Learn More About DIEP Flap Reconstruction in Denver, Colorado

At The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery in Lone Tree, Colorado, our board-certified plastic surgeons have performed hundreds of DIEP flap procedures. We feel lucky to have such an incredibly rewarding mission: to help breast cancer survivors feel comfortable and confident again. To discuss your Denver-area breast reconstruction options, call 303-706-1100.

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