Fat Grafting for Breast ReconstructionEnhancing the final look of your breasts after breast reconstruction is an important part of the overall process. We want you to feel great about the way your breasts look after the procedure, and part of accomplishing this includes the finalizing touches performed in the last phase of breast reconstruction. An innovative surgical technique, fat grafting may be utilized to improve and refine the way your breasts look after reconstruction. The fat is taken from an area of excess on your body using liposuction, so there is an added slimming effect to this technique as well.

Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Jeremy Williams and Dr. Christopher Williams have the skills to utilize fat grafting in several ways. For instance, if there is an irregularity or deformity in the shape and contour of the breasts, fat can be used to soften the edges. The fat cells can be used to address any differences in volume of the breasts. 

The only way to know if this technique can benefit you is to visit our experienced plastic surgeons. They will discuss with you all of the possible approaches to reconstructing your breasts following mastectomy or lumpectomy.

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