Reconstructive breast surgery can include fat grafting to further enhance and improve your results. The term "fat grafting" refers to the method of extracting fat from an area of excess on your body and then injecting it into specific points on the breasts. Fat grafting may be used to address the following:

  • Contour deformities
  • Divot after lumpectomy
  • Volume deficiencies
  • Asymmetry of the breasts

Fat is extracted from the hips, abdomen, thighs or another area with liposuction. Then the fat is washed and prepared to be injected into the breasts, which is performed all in the same procedure at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. The plastic surgeons at our breast center have the skill and experience to place the fat grafts precisely for optimal results. For certain women, fat grafting can provide the most beautiful, natural results possible, with the added benefit of removing fat from another area of your body. The only way to know if this technique is an option for your breast reconstruction surgery is to visit Dr. Christopher Williams or Dr. Jeremy Williams for a consultation.

If you are searching for an experienced reconstructive breast surgeon in the greater Denver area, please call Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery to learn more about our fat grafting technique. We are located in Lone Tree, Colorado.