October 17th, 2018 marks the 7th annual Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day, also known as BRA Day. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Foundation lead this yearly initiative with the help of plastic surgeons, nurse navigators, survivors, and other passionate individuals and organizations.

Woman celebrating Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day with The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic SurgeryThe goal is to inform women of their breast reconstruction options after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Numerous studies have shown that many women do not know all of the reconstruction options that are available to them.

At The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery, we strongly believe that all women deserve to make informed choices regarding reconstructive surgery. Women who receive a breast cancer diagnosis should be referred to a breast reconstruction surgeon. It is our mission to help women gain a comprehensive understanding of their options for breast reconstruction.  

The Breast Cancer Patient Education Act

Our society has made great strides when it comes to educating women about their reconstruction options, but there is always room for improvement. A defining moment in the quest to spread awareness was the enactment of the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998.

This federal law requires health care plans to offer breast cancer reconstruction and prostheses coverage if they provide breast cancer coverage. However, many women still faced a lack of knowledge regarding their reconstruction choices and their insurance coverage after the act was passed.

To address this, the ASPS worked with Congress to pass the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act in 2015. This act required an increase in educational campaigns and materials to inform women of their covered breast reconstruction benefits and alternative options that are available. Under this law, women should receive detailed information regarding the choices available to them, and a timeline of when certain options may be appropriate.  

Understand Your Reconstructive Options

Despite legislative efforts and awareness campaigns, complete information about breast reconstruction is still not reaching every woman who receives a cancer diagnosis.

Closing the informational loop is a joint effort between your entire team, including your:

  • Radiologist
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeon
  • Medical oncologist

A great way to learn about breast reconstruction and get answers to your questions is to schedule a consultation at The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. Our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons will engage in a thorough and compassionate discussion about your options.

Our surgeons can provide information on the choices available to you throughout your breast cancer journey, including:

Even if you do not pursue reconstruction, you can know that you made an informed decision about what was best for your situation and overall wellbeing.

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