One new study suggests that nipple sparing mastectomy combined with immediate breast reconstruction has a high rate of success and low rate of complications, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The study involved 285 women, some of whom were undergoing mastectomy because of breast cancer and others as a preventive measure because they were at a high risk for developing breast cancer. Overall, the complication rate was about 12 percent, and was higher for women who smoked and those who had received radiation therapy. The natural nipple was retained successfully for about 90 percent of the women.

You can read more details about the study here:

Not everyone is a good candidate for nipple sparing mastectomy. There are a number of considerations for this type of reconstructive breast surgery, and if you are interested in this option you must first discuss it with your oncologist. Typically, nipple sparing mastectomy is only appropriate if your oncologist has determined the nipple and surrounding tissue is cancer free.  As experienced plastic surgeons, Dr. Jeremy Williams and Dr. Christopher Williams can help you begin discussing the possibility of nipple sparing mastectomy and which other options are available to you as well.

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