Should My Breast Implants Move When I Exercise?

Breast reconstruction patient lifting weightsWhen implants are used for breast reconstruction, surgeons often place them under the chest muscle. Flexing that muscle can sometimes cause the breasts to move in unusual ways.

While most women hardly notice the movement, others experience implant displacement. This means that their muscle pushes their implants upwards and outwards or causes them to shift down.

The term for this problem is dynamic distortion or animation deformity. Fortunately, it can be fixed, especially if it bothers you or affects your quality of life. Keep reading to learn more.

Breast Reconstruction Revision Options

Breast reconstruction revision corrects issues with the way your breasts look and feel. When it comes to addressing dynamic distortion, there are two main surgical options:

  • Prepectoral revision: You may be able to have your implants moved from below your muscle to above your muscle. This means changing from a subpectoral to a prepectoral implant placement.Prepectoral revision can stop dynamic distortion. However, there is a chance that you will experience visible implant rippling and a less natural look. That is why this procedure is often paired with fat grafting to create a smoother result.
  • Autologous reconstruction: Your second option is to remove your breast implants and replace them with your own tissue from another part of your body. This approach is called autologous or flap reconstruction.Our surgeons perform the DIEP flap technique, which uses excess skin and fat from the tummy to rebuild the breasts. It is known for looking and feeling incredibly natural. It also slims the waistline, avoids potential issues with implants, and can eliminate the need for additional surgeries in the future. However, it is more complex and time-consuming.

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Are you interested in correcting dynamic distortion? Our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons are happy to walk you through your options. We have performed hundreds of implant and flap procedures for our highly satisfied patients.

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