Breast reconstruction facts after mastectomy

A small study released earlier this year indicates that women may not be getting all the facts about breast reconstruction following their mastectomies, a long-time trend that is supported by data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In the study, 126 women undergoing mastectomy were asked a series of multiple-choice questions to assess their knowledge about the pros and cons of breast reconstruction.

Clear facts after mastectomy are essential to your ability to make an informed decision about breast reconstruction. Without the facts, and honest information about the pros and cons, it is much more difficult to feel confident about the decisions you ultimately make.

Findings from the survey included the following:

  • Only 6 in 10 women knew that breast reconstruction does not affect the detection of cancer in future cancer screenings
  • Three-quarters of the respondents knew that breast reconstruction does not influence the risk of breast cancer returning
  • Most of the time, the responses signaled that the women had not been properly informed of the risk of complications associated with breast reconstruction

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