Breast reconstruction complications among older women

Recently published findings show that, at least in one study, older women do not necessarily run a higher risk of breast reconstruction complications after mastectomy than younger women. This particular study included over 1,500 women.

Before getting into the findings in more detail, we want to remind every woman of the importance of a one-on-one consultation with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Our plastic surgeons in the Denver area are personally committed to finding the solutions that work best for each individual. We want to learn about you, your goals and your health history, so that we can make informed recommendations for your care. Our plastic surgeons will ensure you are informed of the risk of possible complications, and what that means for you and your goals.

Here are the main takeaways of the study:

  • 500 women were under age 45; 800 were between the ages of 45 and 60; and 234 were over the age of 60
  • The two groups of younger women were "just as satisfied" with their reconstructed breasts as before surgery, but the group over 60 were slightly less satisfied with their new breasts
  • Some of the women received implant-based reconstruction, while others underwent autologous tissue reconstruction
  • Percent of women who experienced complications within the implant group: 22 percent of the youngest women, 27 percent of the middle-aged women, and 29 percent of the eldest women
  • Percent of women who experienced complications within the autologous tissue group: 33 percent of the youngest women, 29 percent of the middle-aged women, and 31 percent of the eldest women

The study's authors concluded that age alone is not a reason to rule out a woman's candidacy for breast reconstruction, and her age alone doesn't necessarily place her at a higher risk for complications. A finding like this may be important particularly because of the prevalence of breast cancer among women over 62: It's been predicted that 40 percent of the 250,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 will be over 62.

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