The Care After a Breast Reduction Procedure

breast reduction After a breast reduction procedure, it’s important to understand the aftercare process. The aftercare process can help ensure that your recovery goes smoothly and you get the ideal results from the procedure. The professionals at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery will provide you with excellent aftercare tips, so you can feel confident that your aftercare process will go smoothly.

Avoid Lifting After the Procedure

After your breast reduction procedure, you want to avoid lifting or anything that would make you strain for about 2 to 3 weeks. These lifting activities include heavy grocery bags, backpacks, cat litter, dog food bags, or a child. Lifting heavy objects can worsen the appearance of breast reduction scars and may damage the final results of the procedure. Avoid lifting things to prevent tension on the chest, which can be painful.

Walk Every Day

Walking every day is an excellent and simple form of exercise that you can do after your procedure. Walking more each day will help get more blood flowing through your body. Walking may help in avoiding symptoms of constipation and help with a speedy recovery after breast reduction surgery.

Incision Care

You may wear a special bra after your breast reduction procedure in order to hold your bandages in place. Talk with your doctor to make sure you wear the bra correctly and how often you should wear it. Your doctor will also notify you when you can stop wearing the bra, and they may want you to wear it a night and day times for several weeks. Avoid wearing an underwire bra for about a month or until your doctor says it’s okay.

Choose Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery for Questions About Breast Reduction Aftercare

The aftercare following a breast reduction is by far the most important in order to ensure that you have a successful recovery. Although it can be uncomfortable, you want to listen to what your body is saying and not push yourself too much. If you have questions about aftercare or any other questions, the professionals at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Call Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery in Lone Tree, CO, at 303-706-1100 for more information about aftercare following a breast reduction.

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