Following a mastectomy, you may be interested in breast reconstruction surgery. If you are, you will certainly want to find a reputable breast reconstruction surgeon that serves patients in your area. If you are located in Colorado or surrounding areas, The Breast Center at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery is here to help.

Before you decide on a breast reconstruction surgeon, make sure to meet with him or her and ask questions. Following are examples of important questions to ask:

  • Do you recommend breast reconstruction to everyone who comes to see you - is it something that has to be done?
  • Is the breast reconstruction process quick or will it take months? Years?
  • Can you describe the process to me in detail?
  • Is breast reconstruction a risky process?
  • What is the recovery time?
  • What will my breasts look like after the reconstruction process is complete?
  • How many reconstruction procedures have you completed?
  • Can I see pictures of some of your previous patients?
  • Will my reconstructed breast(s) feel real?
  • Will my reconstructed breast match my remaining natural breast?
  • What if I don't like the results of the reconstruction?

The experienced plastic surgeons and staff at our medical facility are available to answer all of your breast reconstruction questions. If you are considering breast reconstruction surgery, it's important to select the right surgeon. Please contact The Breast Center at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule a consultation. We want to make sure you feel absolutely comfortable with your choice to undergo breast reconstruction surgery.