Travel to Surgery Centers

Breast reconstruction is performed at a variety of hospitals, community hospitals and university-affiliated hospitals. The findings of a recently published study show many women are having to travel far distances to have breast reconstruction after mastectomy, particularly at university-affiliated hospitals that are centered in metropolitan areas.

The researchers concluded that "geography is a key contributor to unequal healthcare access." Consider the findings:

  • 10 percent of women in the study traveled to community hospitals for reconstructions
  • 20 percent traveled to comprehensive community hospitals
  • 26 percent traveled to university hospitals
  • The women traveling to the community hospitals traveled about 20 miles
  • The women traveling to university hospitals traveled about 47 miles on average
  • Travel to hospitals performing autologous tissue reconstruction was an average of 53 miles

The researchers say these findings show that travel distance is an obstacle for women seeking breast reconstruction.

Though we are based in metro Denver, we do everything we can to accommodate our out-of-town patients. We can recommend accommodations nearby, part of a special VIP package, to our breast reconstruction patients. Please call our office to learn more.

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