What Are the Benefits of Nipple Reconstruction Surgery?

If you had one or both of your nipples removed during your mastectomy, then nipple reconstruction surgery may be a good way to enhance the results of your breast reconstruction. Some women choose not to pursue this surgery, while others find it is a great match for them. Deciding if nipple reconstruction is right for you means weighing its benefits and drawbacks.

Among other advantages, nipple reconstruction surgery:

  • Benefits of nipple reconstruction infographicCreates nipples with dimension: Reconstructed nipples project outward from the breast. For many women, having this physical dimension is appealing. Depending on the type of bra you wear, the shape of reconstructed nipples may be visible through clothing.
  • Offers more realistic looking results: Breast reconstruction creates a new breast mound. Having the size and shape of their breasts restored is enough for some patients. However, others are interested in reclaiming the shape of their nipples as well. For them, nipple reconstruction is an excellent way to help their final outcome look more realistic.
  • Puts the finishing touch on other breast surgeries: It is often said that breast reconstruction is a journey. It may involve using tissue expanders, placing a breast implant, moving a flap of tissue, performing fat grafting, and other steps. After these surgeries are complete, nipple reconstruction can be an important final step.
  • Helps some women feel happier with their outcome: You make the decisions when it comes to your breast reconstruction. It is important to do whatever makes you happy and offers the cosmetic results you desire. If rebuilding your nipples will help you feel more satisfied with your outcome, then it is certainly something worth pursuing.

Know that a reconstructed nipple will not have sensation. It will not look or feel exactly like your original nipple did, either. Also, reconstructed nipples have a tendency to flatten out over time.

For some women, the idea of getting another surgery after the reconstruction process is not appealing. Fortunately, nipple reconstruction can be put off until you feel ready for surgery. If do not think you will want to pursue nipple reconstruction, nipple tattoos can be a good alternative.

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