As a woman considering your reconstructive breast surgery options, you deserve to know all of the options available to you. Oftentimes, women who have undergone mastectomy are not fully aware of their options for breast reconstruction. At the Breast Center of Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery, one of our goals is to make sure you know all of your options and which ones will work for you. At our practice, reconstructive breast techniques include:

  • Implant-based reconstruction: reconstructs a breast using a saline or silicone breast implant. A breast pocket may need to be created with a tissue expander, and then a breast implant can be placed shortly after.
  • Direct-to-implant reconstruction: Some women are good candidates for a single-stage procedure that places an implant within the breast at the same time as mastectomy.
  • Tissue flaps: uses your own natural skin tissue from another area of your body to re-create the breast. The flap may be taken from your back or your abdomen. A flap either includes the intact blood supply or does not.
  • Combined approach: for some women, the most desirable option may be to increase the size of the breast using a breast implant, after the breast mound has been re-created with a tissue flap.

There's really no good way to know which types are an option for you without consulting an experienced plastic surgeon. Our plastic surgeons will collaborate with your oncologist and other doctors to make sure you get the breast reconstruction procedure and results that will work for you.

To schedule an individualized consultation to discuss your reconstructive breast surgery options with a board-certified plastic surgeon in the greater Denver area, please contact the Breast Center – Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation.