Will My Stomach Be Flat After DIEP Flap?

sexy nude woman with no-make-up closed eyes showing her big breastDIEP Flap breast reconstruction is a rewarding alternative to breast implants. In many cases, it offers results that look more realistic, feel more natural, and last longer than implant-based surgery. However, those aren’t the only benefits you can expect from the DIEP Flap technique. Because this procedure uses excess skin and fat from your lower abdomen to rebuild your breasts, it can also make your stomach look flatter — much like a cosmetic tummy tuck!

You should know that neither of these procedures should be used for weight loss. Instead, it’s important to keep your weight stable through diet and exercise before and after surgery. Keep reading for more information about the great belly benefits that DIEP Flap surgery can provide.

Post-DIEP Flap Swelling

It’s important to know that you won’t see an instant improvement in your midsection after your procedure. That’s because there will be some temporary swelling following DIEP Flap surgery.

In fact, it can take up to a year for your body to eliminate the swelling entirely. You can help speed up the process — and significantly reduce swelling — simply by wearing an abdominal binder as directed. Fortunately, the bulk of the swelling will resolve within the first few months.

What Will DIEP Flap Do to My Belly Button?

During the DIEP Flap procedure, your surgeon will make two incisions on your tummy. One will be located on your lower abdomen, and the other will be around your belly button. When the first incision is closed, it will pull your skin down over your belly button, and a second incision will be needed to expose it. Typically, it creates a small scar that is hard to notice once healed.

Learn More About DIEP Flap in Lone Tree

Our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons offer DIEP flap surgery in Lone Tree. We know that it can be incredibly difficult to find a provider with the microsurgical expertise needed to perform this technique. That’s why we are proud to serve patients from Denver, Colorado and across the country. Call ( 303) -706-1100 to schedule a DIEP Flap consultation at our practice.

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