Eileen Edmunds Documents Her Journey to DIEP Flap ReconstructionDelaware Online recently published the story of a 49-year-old Pennsylvania woman who has filmed her breast reconstruction procedure, which has involved traveling a long road since her initial diagnosis in 1997. She had a lumpectomy and radiation, which resulted in her living free of cancer for a decade. But she opted for a double mastectomy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time, in 2008.

Eileen Edmunds was 31 when she received a breast cancer diagnosis. For over 6 years, she lived without a reconstructed left breast. Her right breast was eventually reconstructed with a silicone breast implant. Because of various complications with placing an implant in her left breast, Edmunds had been unable to have the two reconstructed breasts she had wanted all along, until recently. As part of embarking upon a new decade in her life, Edmunds decided to receive a DIEP flap reconstruction, which uses a section of skin and fat from your abdomen, but spares the muscle. The DIEP flap procedure allowed her to avoid the complications she was experiencing with implants in her left breast, which had to do with how the radiation had affected the muscle.

The film should be available sometime next Spring.

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Source: delawareonline.com/story/news/health/2015/10/05/filmed-reconstruction-demystify-surgery/73227938