Breast Conservation

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Woman after lumpectomy and reconstruction A lumpectomy is a type of breast cancer surgery. Also called breast conservation, it involves removing the tumor and some of the surrounding tissue. You may choose a lumpectomy over a mastectomy to keep your breast and maintain its natural appearance as much as possible.  

While a lumpectomy preserves a significant amount of skin and tissue, it will change the look of your breast. The procedure may leave behind a dent or other unwanted distortions. Fortunately, our plastic and reconstructive surgeons can help you achieve a more cosmetically pleasing result.

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Cosmetic Issues After Breast Conservation

After a lumpectomy, your breast will not look exactly like it did before. Some women experience only minor aesthetic changes, while others have larger or more noticeable lumpectomy defects.

The most common changes include a divot or bulge in the breast. In some cases, the treated breast is smaller or in a different position than the opposite side.

Radiation therapy can further impact your cosmetic outcome after a lumpectomy. It may cause the breast to shrink or become denser. Due to ongoing healing, your final results may not be visible for a year or more.

Techniques to Restore Breast Appearance

There are several plastic and reconstructive surgery techniques that can correct lumpectomy defects. The right options for you will depend on the nature of your concern and the result you want to achieve.

A lumpectomy often causes your breasts to be dramatically different sizes. By using breast reduction or breast lift techniques, our plastic surgeons can make your other breast the same size and shape as the breast that has been operated on, thus creating a more symmetrical appearance. 

Our plastic surgeons can also fill in the lost volume of the depression left by removing the tumor. Many women feel devastated by this hollow, and fat grafting can be a very effective way of adding volume and fullness to the divot. Using liposuction, our surgeons remove fat from an area such as your abdomen and inject it into your breast to smooth out the depression caused by lumpectomy. Fat grafting has the added benefit of slimming down an area of excess fat.

Your Corrective Surgery Timing

In terms of timing, you have two main options for improving the look of your breasts after a lumpectomy:

  • Delayed corrective surgery: With the delayed method, you will undergo a lumpectomy with your general surgeon. After you have healed, you can see how significant the defect is and decide if you want to address it. At this point, our surgeons can perform a second procedure using plastic surgery techniques to achieve a more aesthetic result.
  • Oncoplastic surgery: Oncoplastic surgery is performed at the time of lumpectomy. Our plastic and reconstructive surgeon will step in and modify the breast immediately after your general surgeon is finished. A significant benefit of oncoplastic surgery is that it eliminates the need for a second procedure. However, this approach requires coordination between the breast surgeon and the plastic surgeon.

Deciding What Is Right For You

You may be wondering if a lumpectomy is right for you, or if you should consider oncoplastic surgery. It mainly depends on the recommendations of your general surgeon and surgical oncologist. Your cancer type and treatment plan also play a role in this decision.

Breast conservation surgery is more common, though both options have their advantages. If you are interested in oncoplastic surgery, it is important to advocate for yourself. Tell your surgeon that this option appeals to you, and ask them if they offer it.

Lumpectomy vs Oncolplastic surgery

Learn More About Post-Lumpectomy Reconstruction in Lone Tree

It is normal to feel concerned about how a lumpectomy may alter your breast. Know that you have options during and after your procedure that will allow you to achieve a more aesthetic outcome.

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