“There are not enough words to express my appreciation to Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Chris Williams and their wonderful practice! I will be forever grateful for the exemplary care I have received.”


“I received amazing care from everyone who assisted and treated me at PMCS. As a breast cancer patient, there are so many questions and the staff, nurses and Dr. Chris Williams were there for me every stop of the way. My mastectomy was scheduled quickly and my reconstruction started at the same time with tissue expanders. Dr. Chris was at each appointment to perform the “fills” and answer questions on getting through this difficult process. My surgery to place the implants was a huge success and again the doctor and nurses were wonderful. Every time I look at my new breasts I am so thankful for the amazing talents of my surgeon and his team.”


“Everyone, everytime was happy, professional and knowledgeable. I just handed everything over to Dr. Chris. I seriously knew from the moment I met him he would fix everything…and he did! I love that man! I love all of you. If you have to have this experience in life, there is no better place to be.”


“I had a high BMI level and in spite of that I was able to have successful surgery. I appreciate that I was able to have the surgery and get on the road to recovery.” 


“Always thoughtful, caring and supportive.” 


“Mine is a story of choices. After living with breast cancer all around me, beginning with the death of my mother when I was ten years old, to watching my sister battle it, I finally decided to take care of myself. I did a lot of research and met with numerous professionals. When I met with Dr. Chris Williams, he spent an extensive amount of time with me, getting every detail of my background and giving me options, and choices and results I may have. I handed my situation over to Dr. Chris and his staff and never looked back. From the first morning at the hospital, through two more surgeries and lots of office visits, this team was the most important group of people in my life for the next year. Every appointment was an adventure! Always right on time with a smile, were a group of smart, funny, articulate women who made me feel comfortable and at home. Dr. Chris spent lots of time answering questions, going over treatment, even drawing pictures. After each procedures, he’d call that night, “I’m calling to check up on you.” Thank you, I always felt safe and taken care of. I love this whole group of great people who have allowed me to leave breast cancer fears behind me for good. They will always hold a special place in my heart. I honestly believe that any woman who needs to or has to have this journey in her life, cannot be in a better place than here.”


“All staff and Dr. Chris were very nice, helpful and professional. Very prompt in getting back to me and with follow up.”


“Very compassionate. Informative. You knew my name on arrival.” 


“I recently had a double mastectomy and was very apprehensive and scared about getting the implants. Dr. Chris Williams made me feel special and not to mention he is a perfectionist, talented and a caring doctor. I’d also like to mention that he has an awesome staff. From my own personal experience, I would recommend Dr. Chris Williams and PMCS to everyone.”


“Everyone was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable.”