“All staff and Dr. Chris were very nice, helpful and professional. Very prompt in getting back to me and with follow up.”


“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, I had no idea what would lie ahead for me. As I was fitted for a breast prosthesis, I returned to work and thought all was well. I soon found out that the prosthesis presented some challenges. Besides being heavy, it showed no matter what clothing I wore. I also had a prosthesis for swimming and again, the challenges were present. It took me 2 ½ years to decide to have breast reconstruction. I had heard of Dr. Williams and went to a great reception [Bra Day]. I then made an appointment to discuss the surgery involved. I had made a final decision on the surgery. All went well and I couldn’t be happier. I am 76 years old and am at ease after surgery.”


“I felt very well taken care of – I have a lot of trust and respect for my doctor and his staff.” 


I feel amazing! Dr. Chris Williams and the staff at PMCS are the best. The trauma of a bilateral mastectomy, where you question who you are as a woman, is overwhelming and scary. Dr. Chris took that fear and uncertainty and gave me a new look on life. I can now look in the mirror and see who I am. I am a survivor, I am a warrior, I am a woman!  I feel so good about myself, by being confident as I go forward in my life. There are no certainties, no promises. There is only hope and reassurance that Dr. Chris and his team will do the very best they can to give every person excellent care and unwavering support through the surgeries, recovery and follow up. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Chris for his compassion, humor, skilled hands and positive approach to help me feel like a beautiful woman again.


“Everyone, everytime was happy, professional and knowledgeable. I just handed everything over to Dr. Chris. I seriously knew from the moment I met him he would fix everything…and he did! I love that man! I love all of you. If you have to have this experience in life, there is no better place to be.”


“In 2011, I found out my sister had breast cancer. She was just the latest in a long list of women in my family who had breast cancer or ovarian cancer. This cemented my decision to get tested for the BRCA gene.  When I found I was positive, I had many decisions to make. I met with doctors including surgeons, oncologists and geneticists. I asked for recommendations from all the experts for surgeons. Drs. Williams' names were always provided as two of the top surgeons in this area of the country. I met with Dr. Chris and eventually Dr. Jeremy to discuss my options. I felt like I was given honest, direct and complete information when I met with them. No sales jobs- these guys spoke the truth and answered all my questions. I appreciated that. Then I got on several chat sites and met two patients of the practice. Their comments were so overwhelmingly positive that I knew I had found the right practice. I don't know if I'm extraordinarily lucky but my DIEP Flap surgery (although long) went fine and I woke up with no pain. I was slightly uncomfortable but Dr. Chris came in as soon as I was in my room and soon after so did Dr. Jeremy. These two completely defy the normal view that I'm sure most people have of plastic surgeons. I have never felt more taken care of or more comfortable. My recovery went very well. At every stage, I was provided with instructions on what to do and what not to do. Dr. Chris followed up on me and was available by direct cell 24/7 (how many doctors actually do that?). I've had 2 fat graft surgeries since then and new nipples and tattoos over the last 2 years. My breasts look lovely and I feel good about myself. I'm very happy with the outcome. It was not an easy decision to remove my breasts especially since I did not have cancer yet. Having Dr. Chris as my surgeon made me feel comfortable, secure and very well taken care of. You can tell that his philosophy of putting patients first resonates throughout the whole office. The nurses are amazing and very helpful. I'm not sure why Dr. Chris chose plastic surgery as his specialty. His skills are extraordinary and I am so thankful I was lucky enough to have him as my surgeon.”


"Switching to Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery post mastectomy and mid-reconstruction was the best choice we made. Dr. Jeremy Williams expertly took me through the process of single breast reconstruction, correcting the initial path and producing a far better result than I envisioned throughout my breast cancer nightmare.

I had unilateral DIEP flap reconstructive surgery and not only do I not have an implant (as Dr. Williams used all of my own body tissue), but the outcome was also tremendous! Post mastectomy, we started with a different plastic surgeon with the "standard implant path" but realized that the outcome from that process was going to be limited and, in my case, not true to my prior self. My new left breast looks and hangs like my healthy right breast.

My husband is thrilled and says that Jeremy Williams' artwork is like comparing a 6th grade drawing to a Renier! I am grateful and lucky to have found Park Meadows Cosmetic surgery to repair my body after having had breast cancer. I felt I directed my own medical path, with supportive, compassionate and highly competent "team mates" at the office, and [my patient care coordinator] caringly accommodated all my scheduling needs with a smile on her face. I am greatly indebted to Dr. Jeremy Williams for restoring my sense of femininity, which has allowed me to resume a satisfying marital life.

I would be honored to help other breast cancer survivors by representing the outstanding work of Dr. Jeremy Williams in photos on your web site, or by speaking with any women caught in her breast cancer nightmare as she navigates herself through and out of the fog!"


“I never felt rushed or hurried. Dr. Jeremy Williams always had time for me and gave me excellent personal care. Everyone in the office was friendly, caring and supportive!”


“Dr. Chris Williams performed surgery on me after a radical mastectomy. His competency as a surgeon is unquestionable. His skill created something that I thought I had lost. His  thoroughness, his professionalism, his commitment to his patients is exceptional. He shows such compassion, concern and kindness that the trepidation that accompanies any surgical procedure is reduced. Obviously, this kind of reconstructive surgery is difficult both physically and emotionally, but Dr. Chris made the entire procedure as painless as possible and his wonderful sense of humor made it all a little more palatable. The members of his staff share his ability for compassion. They are kind, caring, organized and extremely helpful. I did not interface with anyone from his office that did not go above and beyond my expectations.

I recommend Dr Chris Williams without reservation.”


“Dear Dr. Jeremy Williams,

It's been a year since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. What a journey ... the ups/downs, sleepless nights, nurturing phone calls from family, the fear. Throughout all of this there has been one constant positive - the services of you and your team. I will be forever grateful! It started with your philosophy: restoring women to their former selves (perhaps better!). Out of darkness, you have provided a path of light - confident, reassuring, kind. As much as I am healing from a physical standpoint, I often find the mental and emotional aspects equally challenging ... some days more. At those times I draw upon your words for comfort ... "looking good, healing fine, very pleased." That pulls me through.

Thank you for everything you have provided me ... and my family. Your team was very compassionate, very kind. My husband has remarked on more than one occasion - "thank God we met Dr. Williams." Thanks for your beautiful work, you are an outstanding surgeon. Thanks for your smile.

Sincerely - I am so lucky to have met you and your team.”