“I never expected my breast to look as good as it does. I’m amazing at the incredible job Dr. Chris Williams did. If it weren’t for the few scars around my nipple area, no one could tell I had my right breast removed and reconstructed. It’s really amazing how well it matches my left breast.”


“Everyone was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable.” 


“Great staff and doctor. Dr. Chris Williams is wonderful. My experience from start to continue/finish is wonderful! Thank you. Breast cancer is tough but you all have made it wonderful from reception to doctors.”


“I had a high BMI level and in spite of that I was able to have successful surgery. I appreciate that I was able to have the surgery and get on the road to recovery.” 


"I had superb care from beginning to end. My DIEP flap surgery was complicated by tight radiated skin and a bilateral mastectomy six years earlier. I received realistic information about what DIEP flap reconstruction could do or me. I loved the outcome of my various surgeries. Dr. Jeremy always made time for me in my many follow-up visits.  The nurses were so caring and the entire atmosphere was nurturing. I had DIEP done to erase the tightness I had experienced for half a dozen years but what I got was support and restoration and a much better life."


"I appreciated the professional and empathetic care. Navigating reconstruction after a double mastectomy is an emotional process that was enhanced by Dr. Jeremy and staff. I will forever be grateful."


"Dr. Jeremy, the Nurses, and all the staff at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery helped me feel beautiful again after a cancer diagnosis and a bilateral mastectomy. They are kind, compassionate, honest, and thorough in their care and guided me through a very difficult time.  They provided education and resources to help me choose the best options for surgery and reconstruction. They got me through each of the procedures without any complications. I will tell you the journey was not easy. There was pain, doubt, tears and many sleepless nights.  I cried the first time I wore a T-shirt after my initial surgery, but I made it through with the help and support of the wonderful team at Park Meadows. Today, less than a year later. I feel and look amazing. Now when I put on a T-shirt, there is a huge smile. I am grateful for the amazing care I received and how well I was treated. Looking better than I ever dreamed is an added bonus. Thank you!  Thank you for making me feel beautiful again!"


“Dr. Jeremy Williams is an exceptional breast reconstructive plastic surgeon. He is kind, thorough, compassionate, and has the rare credentials to do this surgery and do it well. Because of the size of my original cancer, I opted to not have reconstruction at the time. Since that time, DIEP because perfected but only by a very few surgeons. I waited until there was someone in the Denver area who could do it - Dr. Jeremy Williams and Dr. Chris Williams. This surgery gave me back my self-esteem and has allowed me to work out and no longer be self-conscious. This is not an easy surgery but for me it was worth it. If you decide to have it done – have it done by someone who has done hundreds and is not just starting out. Do not go to a facility that does not specialize. You can’t find better surgeons than the Williams.”


"Dr. Chris Williams did an excellent job! All of the staff are always friendly and also do a great job. I have been very happy with my breast cancer reconstruction and appreciate Dr. Chris Williams' attention to detail, wonderful bedside manner and excellent surgical skills."


"Great bedside manner; good results; very good post-operative care."