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At 29 years old, I was pretty terrified to be having a bilateral mastectomy. I felt like I was losing a huge part of myself as a woman. I could not be more happy with my body after the work done by Dr. Williams. I honestly am more happy with my reconstructed breast than I was with my natural ones. I am so endlessly glad that I chose this practice for my reconstruction. I would highly, highly recommend that my sisters, friends and acquaintances only see these doctors. I don’t know how they do what they do, but they are phenomenal.
I have been well taken care of through this past year with my breast cancer treatment and reconstruction. Everyone has been kind, caring and concerned about my well-being.
- A.R.
Dr. Jeremy Williams and staff: You listened, helped me understand why and how, truly cared about my well-being. You gave me back my dignity, sensuality, confidence and love for life. I came to you broken and you make me whole again, and even better than before. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for ALL you’ve done for me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so very grateful! 
- P.B.
My journey began in February 2013 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer.  Among my first thoughts were "what will I do"?   "How will I look and feel with my natural breasts removed?". My mother and sister both had breast cancer and mastectomies 20 years ago. I thought “Oh my, will I look like that” (it wasn’t pretty).  I was referred to Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery Dr’s Jeremy Williams and Chris Williams.  I never thought I’d have those words in my vocabulary.  Cosmetic surgery??? I didn’t know what to expect.  During my initial appointment, Dr.  Jeremy explained all the options that were available to me for breast cancer reconstruction.   He was very patient and kind.  He and the staff calmed my fears and answered all my wacky questions (ahhh chemo brain)… several times.  He described the procedures and possible outcomes and together we created a game plan. I was intrigued with the DIEP procedure and how we could use my own body tissue and fat to create my breasts.  After Dr. Jeremy explained this pioneering technique and that both he and Dr. Chris had successfully performed this procedure,  I decided that was what I wanted.  After doing my own research (when I had the energy) I was more  confident in the skill of both doctors. The passion, warmth, care and support of Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Chris and the compassionate and highly competent staff at PMCS during one of the most devastating traumas of my life was the cornerstone of my successful reconstruction and the beautiful outcome. Going through this was made just a little bit easier with my team at PMCS.  I look in the mirror and feel like my old self again.   They made me whole again.
- J.P.
Dr. Chris completely changed my Breast Cancer journey. I met him while in the hospital for cellulitis and because of his compassion and understanding, I completely change my reconstruction program. Not only did Dr. Chris work with me on my options, but he also consulted with my oncologist and infectious disease doctor to insure the best outcome for my decision. He removed my tissue expanders where the cellulitis had developed, and replaced them with implants. When I began having trouble with the implants, he and Dr. Jeremy performed a bilateral DIEP flap. I could not be more pleased with the results. I have had 3 fat grafting sessions since the DIEP and this has all been done in less than 1 year. Dr. Chris, and everyone at PMCS, restored my self-image. I once again feel feminine and beautiful and I could not be more pleased. Thank you Dr. Chris! I will shout your praises from the mountain tops and thank God for putting you in my life. I fully and completely recommend PMCS and would be happy to share my story and discuss any part of my journey.
- A.P.
I recently had a double mastectomy and was very apprehensive and scared about getting the implants. Dr. Chris Williams made me feel special and not to mention he is a perfectionist, talented and a caring doctor. I’d also like to mention that he has an awesome staff. From my own personal experience, I would recommend Dr. Chris Williams and PMCS to everyone.
- D.K.
After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I was referred to Dr. Jeremy Williams, and I'm so glad I was!! Dr. Jeremy assisted with I performed my bilateral mastectomy and 7 subsequent reconstruction surgeries, and I feel like he and his very competent staff are like family now. Cancer is very scary, and Dr. Jeremy was always calm and very informative about what was happening and going to happen. Because of complications from radiation, we almost lost the right breast reconstruction totally, but Dr. Jeremy performed a Latissimus Flap procedure and was able to save the reconstructed breast, and even make it look very close to "normal"! When all the surgeries were complete, it was time to do the nipple tattooing. Terri was a pro at this, having done the tattooing for the past 4 years. In the beginning of this whole process, I wasn't sure I wanted to go forward with creating nipples and the tattooed areolas, but after having it done, I can't say enough about how whole I feel now. I look in the mirror and see a woman's body. When Dr. Jeremy wasn't available at a couple of my appointments, Dr. Chris Williams stepped in and I always felt the same confidence in him as with Dr.  Jeremy. They make a great team! I wholeheartedly recommend Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery Center and Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Chris to anyone needing or wanting reconstructive surgery!
- C.P.
Dr. Chris and all the staff members were so caring and kind to me during my journey through breast cancer. My husband and I were so grateful for how much time he took with us at every appointment. Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery was just as important as my oncologists in “saving” me – by keeping my spirit and sense of self intact. I was always treated with respect and understanding and never made to feel that my desire for reconstruction was frivolous or vain, eve in the face of cancer. Dr. Chris Williams was always there when I needed him, even in the middle of the night after an 8-hour surgery. I could never thank all of you enough.
- A.E.
Because of the required treatment for my initial diagnosis of breast cancer, my only option when it occurred a second time was a mastectomy. I chose to have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Based on the information provided and the fact that I’d had radiation treatment after a lumpectomy the first time, I chose the DIEP procedure since previous radiation makes infection with other procedures more common. I was referred to Dr. Jeremy Williams and my entire experience with him and his staff has been such a blessing.  His expertise and caring are unsurpassed!  His staff have been so kind and helpful as they’ve helped me through this “bump in the road”.  I am convinced I made the right decision with the DIEP procedure and am so grateful for the excellent care I received from Dr. Williams, his staff, the hospital and the oncology physical therapy to which I was referred. I would hardily recommend Dr. Williams and his practice to anyone facing reconstruction after cancer and would highly recommend DIEP when appropriate.
- I.W.
The surgeons and staff at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery were amazing and very supportive. From the first visit the procedure was explained and all my questions were answered. I never felt rushed or that any question was silly. When I checked in the hospital to have my D.I.E.P procedure I was put at ease by all the staff telling me the Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Chris do great work.Seven months after my procedure, one revision and nipple tattooing, I am very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Jeremy, Dr. Chris, and their staff are very caring and professional. I would do it all again, and would definitely choose Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery.
- S.B.