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embrace® is an innovative scar reduction technology. These advanced silicone sheets relieve skin tension and hydrate scar tissue. The result is a flatter, softer, less noticeable scar following DIEP flap reconstruction.

To learn more about this innovative device, please call The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery in Lone Tree, Colorado, at 303-706-1100 .

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What is embrace® Scar Therapy?

  • Relief of skin tension. embrace® is applied to your skin in the form of an adhesive sheet. It prevents pulling of the skin around the scar. This tension is the main source of thick, raised post-surgical scars, and embrace® stops it.
  • Stabilization amid body movement. The movement of your body places stress on the scar, which can cause it to thicken and widen. embrace® protects the scar from movement.
  • Softening and hydrating silicone. The medical-grade silicone contained in the sheets has a restorative effect on scar tissue, hydrating it so that the scar is softened, flattened and faded.
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Wearing embrace® is easy. It comes with an applicator that allows you to place the sheet correctly over the scar. One application lasts for 10 days, and all you have to do is throw out the old one and replace it with a new sheet. embrace® has been reported as a comfortable way to treat scars. It is lightweight, low-profile and clear.

DIEP Flap and Breast Reconstruction Scars

Many women who are considering breast reconstruction want to know what their results look like. And most of our guests want to know what they can do to minimize the appearance of scars.

The DIEP flap procedure uses a section of your own tissue to rebuild a breast. This method is known as a free flap procedure because the blood supply is cut away from the body intact, and then reconnected to the breast using microsurgery.

Like all surgical procedures, the DIEP flap causes scarring where incisions are made. We understand the desire to minimize scarring that takes place so that you can feel confident and beautiful following breast reconstruction. embrace® significantly reduces the appearance of DIEP scars. Ask our team about whether it is right for your breast reconstruction procedure.

To find out if embrace® will be a good option following your DIEP flap breast reconstruction, please call The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery at 303-706-1100 . Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Christopher Williams and Dr. Jeremy Williams are proud to offer innovative technology and techniques to women from Denver, Lone Tree and areas across Colorado.

Does Breast Reconstruction Leave Scars?

Most breast reconstruction techniques result in some scarring. The type of scars and their location depending on the method used for breast reconstruction. For example, scars from a mastectomy are usually located around the edge of the areola (the darker-colored skin around the nipple). Direct-to-implant reconstruction generally results in scars around the areola and down the center of the breast.

What Can I Do To Minimize Breast Reconstruction Scars?

At The Breast Center of Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery in Lone Tree, Colorado, Drs. Christopher G. Williams and Jeremy Z. Williams, our board-certified plastic surgeons, may recommend specific steps to reduce the appearance of scars following breast surgeries and reconstructions. This includes the Embrace scar therapy option.

What Is Embrace Scar Therapy?

Our team describes the Embrace scar therapy, also known as Embrace Active Scar Defense, as a method of reducing the appearance of scars immediately following breast reconstruction surgery. It uses a unique, patented self-applicator and a silicone dressing that essentially lessens the tension on the skin during the natural healing process, minimizing the final scarring commonly seen after certain surgical procedures.

Does Embrace Work on Old Scars?

Yes, Embrace may also be used on older scars that are still in the process of healing. However, for best results, it is recommended to use Embrace as soon as your surgical incisions have closed.

Can I Shower While Wearing Embrace Scar Sheets?

Yes, you can shower while wearing Embrace. In fact, it is recommended that you do so as part of your daily skincare routine. Remove the Embrace scar sheet before showering, clean the area around your scar, and then reapply a new sheet after your shower. Each scar sheet will last about ten days before being removed and replaced. The plastic surgeon will advise you as to what you can and cannot do while undergoing Embrace scar therapy.

How Long Do I Need To Wear Embrace?

Embrace should be worn for the first few weeks following your surgery. You should continue to use it for several weeks or months or as directed by your plastic surgeon.

How Do You Remove Embrace Scar Therapy?

Embrace scar sheets need to be replaced approximately every ten days. To remove an Embrace scar sheet, simply peel it away from your skin with care. The Embrace sheets are made with medical-grade adhesive that is designed to last several days. If you have trouble removing the dressing, use warm water, soap, baby oil, or a special adhesive remover to loosen the adhesive and make removal easier and less bothersome or damaging to the scar healing underneath.

What Are the Benefits of Embrace Scar Therapy?

There are many benefits to using Embrace for scar therapy, including:

  • Reduced appearance of scars.
  • Softer, smoother skin texture.
  • Reduction in itching and discomfort associated with healing scars.
  • Prevention of hypertrophic (raised) and keloid (excessive) scars.
  • Less tension on the skin during healing, which can lead to smaller, less noticeable scars.
  • More even distribution of pressure across the entire scar, which can help prevent the widening or thickening of the scar.
  • A physical barrier that protects the scar from outside irritants, including clothing, which can help prevent infection and further irritation.

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