Fat Grafting

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Fat grafting takes fat from one area of your body and moves it to another area. For reconstructive breast surgery, fat grafting can be used in a number of ways to shape your final results. The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery are proud to offer this advanced service to women in Colorado.

What Is Fat Grafting?

fat grafting lines on woman's stomachFat grafting is an innovative surgical technique. Using liposuction, our plastic surgeons remove fat from an area of excess. Common grafting sites include:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Flanks

The fat is removed in small, usable "packages" or "globules." After it is removed, the fat is placed in sterile containers so that it can be washed to extract some of the liquid oil. After the fat is purified, it is placed into small syringes and re-injected into targeted areas of the breasts. The fat enables our surgeons to finalize the shape of the breasts after breast reconstruction.

Our plastic surgery practice does not store fat for future use. The fat is removed and re-injected during the same surgical procedure. With a series of careful, precise micro-injections, our plastic surgeon build and re-shape the breasts. Experience and skill in micro techniques is necessary to prevent lumps, bumps or large collections of fatty oil cysts. Though the injections are made through tiny holes in the skin, these injection sites do not create significant scars.

Fat Grafting for Reconstructive Breast Surgery Purposes

Dr. Jeremy Williams and Dr. Christopher Williams use fat transfer to provide the best reconstructive results. The fat is used to shape contours and even out surfaces. Specifically, a fat graft may be recommended for the following:

  • Post-mastectomy contour deformities
  • Difference in breast volume
  • Asymmetries of the breasts after reconstruction
  • Lumpectomy defect leaving a divot in the breast

Implant-based and flap-based reconstruction results can be enhanced with a fat graft. The fat is used to create padding where there is a hollow or a depression. Basically the fat allows our plastic surgeons to create ideal size and shape, while making your breasts as symmetrical to one another as possible.

There is a limit to how much fat can be removed in a single procedure. If the defect you want to re-shape is relatively large, our plastic surgeons may suggest multiple procedures to get the necessary amount of fat. Each time you have fat removed, there will be an added slimming effect at the grafting site. That is to say that the area you choose to have fat removed from will look tighter, slimmer and smoother after your procedure. Our patients tend to choose the area of their physiques where they feel there is extra bulk, such as the tummy or thighs.

If you want to learn more about fat grafting for breast reconstruction in the Denver area, please call The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery at 303-706-1100. Our plastic surgery practice is located in Lone Tree and we are proud to care for women from across the state and the entire region.