Implant-Based Reconstruction

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Breast reconstruction can be completed with saline or silicone breast implants. This reconstruction method may be a good fit for you. The only way to know for sure is to meet with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

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Breast Reconstruction with Breast Implants

There are two types of breast implants that can be used for implant-based reconstruction:

For most women, it is necessary to place a tissue expander beneath the skin, at the same time as your mastectomy. The expander stretches the skin and enlarges the breast pocket. Once this phase is complete, the expander and any surrounding scar tissue is removed. The breast implant is then placed within the breast pocket.

If a mastectomy is not performed on both breasts, then breast reconstruction typically includes surgery on the other breast to enhance symmetry. The goal is for the breasts to look even, and as similar as possible to one another in both size and shape.

Single-Stage Breast Reconstruction

Some women are good candidates for direct-to-implant reconstruction (single-stage breast reconstruction). In this procedure, the tissue expander is not needed and the breast implants are placed immediately after the mastectomy. If you are a good candidate for single-stage reconstruction, there are a couple advantages: First, you will be able to enjoy immediate results without a waiting period. Secondly, you will spend less time in surgery because the number of procedures is reduced.

Planning Your Implant-Based Reconstruction

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time, or if you have been diagnosed as BRCA positive (placing you at a high-risk for developing breast cancer), then implant-based breast reconstruction may be a good option for you. As part of discussing your candidacy, our plastic surgeons will also discuss with you a plan for completing surgery.

Prior to reconstructing your breasts with breast implants, a skin-sparing mastectomy or a nipple-sparing mastectomy may be an option. These techniques conserve breast skin and the nipple-areola complex. Whether these types of mastectomy are an option in your case will depend on the details of your cancer and your general surgeon's input. Nipple reconstruction and areola pigmentation can be performed if a nipple-sparing mastectomy is not an option for you.

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