Breast Reconstruction

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Posted: January 9, 2019

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I was referred to Dr. Jeremy Williams, and I'm so glad I was!! Dr. Jeremy assisted with I performed my bilateral mastectomy and 7 subsequent reconstruction surgeries, and I feel like he and his very competent staff are like family now. Cancer is very scary, and Dr. Jeremy was always calm and very informative about what was happening and going to happen. Because of complications from radiation, we almost lost the right breast reconstruction totally, but Dr. Jeremy performed a Latissimus Flap procedure and was able to save the reconstructed breast, and even make it look very close to "normal"! When all the surgeries were complete, it was time to do the nipple tattooing. Terri was a pro at this, having done the tattooing for the past 4 years. In the beginning of this whole process, I wasn't sure I wanted to go forward with creating nipples and the tattooed areolas, but after having it done, I can't say enough about how whole I feel now. I look in the mirror and see a woman's body. When Dr. Jeremy wasn't available at a couple of my appointments, Dr. Chris Williams stepped in and I always felt the same confidence in him as with Dr.  Jeremy. They make a great team! I wholeheartedly recommend Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery Center and Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Chris to anyone needing or wanting reconstructive surgery!