"Dr. Jeremy, the Nurses, and all the staff at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery helped me feel beautiful again after a cancer diagnosis and a bilateral mastectomy. They are kind, compassionate, honest, and thorough in their care and guided me through a very difficult time.  They provided education and resources to help me choose the best options for surgery and reconstruction. They got me through each of the procedures without any complications. I will tell you the journey was not easy. There was pain, doubt, tears and many sleepless nights.  I cried the first time I wore a T-shirt after my initial surgery, but I made it through with the help and support of the wonderful team at Park Meadows. Today, less than a year later. I feel and look amazing. Now when I put on a T-shirt, there is a huge smile. I am grateful for the amazing care I received and how well I was treated. Looking better than I ever dreamed is an added bonus. Thank you!  Thank you for making me feel beautiful again!"

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