"Because of the required treatment for my initial diagnosis of breast cancer, my only option when it occurred a second time was a mastectomy. I chose to have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Based on the information provided and the fact that I’d had radiation treatment after a lumpectomy the first time, I chose the DIEP procedure since previous radiation makes infection with other procedures more common. I was referred to Dr. Jeremy Williams and my entire experience with him and his staff has been such a blessing.  His expertise and caring are unsurpassed!  His staff have been so kind and helpful as they’ve helped me through this “bump in the road”.  I am convinced I made the right decision with the DIEP procedure and am so grateful for the excellent care I received from Dr. Williams, his staff, the hospital and the oncology physical therapy to which I was referred. I would hardily recommend Dr. Williams and his practice to anyone facing reconstruction after cancer and would highly recommend DIEP when appropriate."

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