"Dr. Chris completely changed my Breast Cancer journey. I met him while in the hospital for cellulitis and because of his compassion and understanding, I completely change my reconstruction program. Not only did Dr. Chris work with me on my options, but he also consulted with my oncologist and infectious disease doctor to insure the best outcome for my decision. He removed my tissue expanders where the cellulitis had developed, and replaced them with implants. When I began having trouble with the implants, he and Dr. Jeremy performed a bilateral DIEP flap. I could not be more pleased with the results. I have had 3 fat grafting sessions since the DIEP and this has all been done in less than 1 year. Dr. Chris, and everyone at PMCS, restored my self-image. I once again feel feminine and beautiful and I could not be more pleased. Thank you Dr. Chris! I will shout your praises from the mountain tops and thank God for putting you in my life. I fully and completely recommend PMCS and would be happy to share my story and discuss any part of my journey."

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