"My journey began in February 2013 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer.  Among my first thoughts were "what will I do"?   "How will I look and feel with my natural breasts removed?". My mother and sister both had breast cancer and mastectomies 20 years ago. I thought “Oh my, will I look like that” (it wasn’t pretty).  I was referred to Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery Dr’s Jeremy Williams and Chris Williams.  I never thought I’d have those words in my vocabulary.  Cosmetic surgery??? I didn’t know what to expect.  During my initial appointment, Dr.  Jeremy explained all the options that were available to me for breast cancer reconstruction.   He was very patient and kind.  He and the staff calmed my fears and answered all my wacky questions (ahhh chemo brain)… several times.  He described the procedures and possible outcomes and together we created a game plan. I was intrigued with the DIEP procedure and how we could use my own body tissue and fat to create my breasts.  After Dr. Jeremy explained this pioneering technique and that both he and Dr. Chris had successfully performed this procedure,  I decided that was what I wanted.  After doing my own research (when I had the energy) I was more  confident in the skill of both doctors. The passion, warmth, care and support of Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Chris and the compassionate and highly competent staff at PMCS during one of the most devastating traumas of my life was the cornerstone of my successful reconstruction and the beautiful outcome. Going through this was made just a little bit easier with my team at PMCS.  I look in the mirror and feel like my old self again.   They made me whole again."

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