“In 2011, I found out my sister had breast cancer. She was just the latest in a long list of women in my family who had breast cancer or ovarian cancer. This cemented my decision to get tested for the BRCA gene.  When I found I was positive, I had many decisions to make. I met with doctors including surgeons, oncologists and geneticists. I asked for recommendations from all the experts for surgeons. Drs. Williams' names were always provided as two of the top surgeons in this area of the country. I met with Dr. Chris and eventually Dr. Jeremy to discuss my options. I felt like I was given honest, direct and complete information when I met with them. No sales jobs- these guys spoke the truth and answered all my questions. I appreciated that. Then I got on several chat sites and met two patients of the practice. Their comments were so overwhelmingly positive that I knew I had found the right practice. I don't know if I'm extraordinarily lucky but my DIEP Flap surgery (although long) went fine and I woke up with no pain. I was slightly uncomfortable but Dr. Chris came in as soon as I was in my room and soon after so did Dr. Jeremy. These two completely defy the normal view that I'm sure most people have of plastic surgeons. I have never felt more taken care of or more comfortable. My recovery went very well. At every stage, I was provided with instructions on what to do and what not to do. Dr. Chris followed up on me and was available by direct cell 24/7 (how many doctors actually do that?). I've had 2 fat graft surgeries since then and new nipples and tattoos over the last 2 years. My breasts look lovely and I feel good about myself. I'm very happy with the outcome. It was not an easy decision to remove my breasts especially since I did not have cancer yet. Having Dr. Chris as my surgeon made me feel comfortable, secure and very well taken care of. You can tell that his philosophy of putting patients first resonates throughout the whole office. The nurses are amazing and very helpful. I'm not sure why Dr. Chris chose plastic surgery as his specialty. His skills are extraordinary and I am so thankful I was lucky enough to have him as my surgeon.”

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