“My recent experience at PMCS was nothing but exceptional. Dr. Chris and the staff were professional and set me at ease from the moment I walked through the front door. Their friendliness and genuine caring have enabled me to get through my breast cancer experience with hope and excitement for the future. Dr. Chris's concern was for my being happy with my feminity and what he could do to preserve that.

I am very happy with the DIEP flap/reconstruction results. Both Dr. Chris and Dr. Jeremy are passionate about what they do. Their experience with DIEP flap surgery gave me the confidence that this was where I belonged. My husband couldn't have been more pleased with the reports he got all through surgery. They took the extra time to make sure everything was ok and even rescheduled appointments to take care of me. My stay at Sky Ridge Medical Center was extraordinary, more like a spa stay than a hospital. Even the recuperation was not as bad as anticipated.

I never felt railroaded into a procedure I did not want. The frequent trips to Denver were well worth my time and effort. I've had 2 additional surgeries to "even things up", as I had a unilateral mastectomy and the results are pretty amazing. I have had no regrets or second guessing as to whether or not I made the right decision regarding the procedure and the doctor. I know I made the right choice. I would not hesitate to recommend PMCS to anyone, and if I had to do it over again, I would definitely choose PMCS and Dr. Chris to handle my reconstructive surgery. They say they care DIEPly and they really do.”

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