“Dear Dr. Jeremy Williams,

It's been a year since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. What a journey ... the ups/downs, sleepless nights, nurturing phone calls from family, the fear. Throughout all of this there has been one constant positive - the services of you and your team. I will be forever grateful! It started with your philosophy: restoring women to their former selves (perhaps better!). Out of darkness, you have provided a path of light - confident, reassuring, kind. As much as I am healing from a physical standpoint, I often find the mental and emotional aspects equally challenging ... some days more. At those times I draw upon your words for comfort ... "looking good, healing fine, very pleased." That pulls me through.

Thank you for everything you have provided me ... and my family. Your team was very compassionate, very kind. My husband has remarked on more than one occasion - "thank God we met Dr. Williams." Thanks for your beautiful work, you are an outstanding surgeon. Thanks for your smile.

Sincerely - I am so lucky to have met you and your team.”

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