After a Mammogram: Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy

Paget's,Disease,Of,The,Breast,(nipple),Is,Usually,Associated,WithDespite the encouragement and warnings of their doctors, many women don’t go for a mammogram or do breast self-exams. When you take your doctor’s recommendations, you are more likely to catch cancer earlier, which may give you the choice of having a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy. While breast reconstruction is never mandatory, if you want equal breasts after a mastectomy, you must go through breast reconstruction. In many cases, if you are able to have a lumpectomy, you may not need breast reconstruction.

When a Lumpectomy Is an Option

If you catch the cancer when it is small enough – under 4 centimeters – you may have a choice of getting a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy. However, in addition to the smaller-sized tumor, you cannot have cancer cells surrounding the tumor.

If you have cancer in just one site and it’s small enough, states that a lumpectomy is usually as effective as a mastectomy.

Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy: Deciding Factors

Your doctor can help you determine whether a lumpectomy or mastectomy is better for you. Even if the cancer meets the requirements for a lumpectomy, you may opt for a mastectomy with complete breast restoration. Considerations include:

  • Is keeping your breasts important to you?
  • Can you handle radiation? In most cases, you’ll need radiation after a lumpectomy.
  • Is having the same size breasts at the top of your list? If the tumor is small enough, a doctor can perform a lumpectomy, and the size of your breast won’t change. However, if a larger area of tissue needs to be removed, a lumpectomy can make your breast look smaller. Reconstruction is often available in these cases.
  • Are you worried about your breast cancer coming back? Sometimes, that worry is so high the patient opts for a mastectomy instead.

Where to Find a Mammogram or Lumpectomy in Lone Tree, CO

The Breast Center – Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery serves Lone Tree and the surrounding areas in Colorado. To find out more about mammograms and lumpectomies, speak with a surgeon at The Breast Center – Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. To schedule a consultation, please call 303-706-1100 or text 303-622-5587.

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