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Mine is a story of choices. After living with breast cancer all around me, beginning with the death of my mother when I was ten years old, to watching my sister battle it, I finally decided to take care of myself. I did a lot of research and met with numerous professionals. When I met with Dr. Chris Williams, he spent an extensive amount of time with me, getting every detail of my background and giving me options, and choices and results I may have. I handed my situation over to Dr. Chris and his staff and never looked back. From the first morning at the hospital, through two more surgeries and lots of office visits, this team was the most important group of people in my life for the next year. Every appointment was an adventure! Always right on time with a smile, were a group of smart, funny, articulate women who made me feel comfortable and at home. Dr. Chris spent lots of time answering questions, going over treatment, even drawing pictures. After each procedures, he’d call that night, “I’m calling to check up on you.” Thank you, I always felt safe and taken care of. I love this whole group of great people who have allowed me to leave breast cancer fears behind me for good. They will always hold a special place in my heart. I honestly believe that any woman who needs to or has to have this journey in her life, cannot be in a better place than here.
- P.D.
I have been very pleased with all my care. My procedures all went well from the time I walked in the door to the time I left. I have recommended Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery to anyone that has asked me.
- W.S.
Park Meadows, the staff, and of course Dr. Chris are the best medical care I have ever received. I am continually amazed at how everyone spends the extra time and attention at Park Meadows. They really strive to provide excellent follow-up care and Dr. Chris’ expertise is unbelievable. I have never been given a surgeon’s cell phone number before and told to call if I have any problems or questions. I have never had to use it as my procedure went perfectly. Thank you!
- R.S.
Dear Dr. Jeremy Williams, It's been a year since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. What a journey ... the ups/downs, sleepless nights, nurturing phone calls from family, the fear. Throughout all of this there has been one constant positive - the services of you and your team. I will be forever grateful! It started with your philosophy: restoring women to their former selves (perhaps better!). Out of darkness, you have provided a path of light - confident, reassuring, kind. As much as I am healing from a physical standpoint, I often find the mental and emotional aspects equally challenging ... some days more. At those times I draw upon your words for comfort ... "looking good, healing fine, very pleased." That pulls me through. Thank you for everything you have provided me ... and my family. Your team was very compassionate, very kind. My husband has remarked on more than one occasion - "thank God we met Dr. Williams." Thanks for your beautiful work, you are an outstanding surgeon. Thanks for your smile. Sincerely - I am so lucky to have met you and your team.
- P.C.
My recent experience at PMCS was nothing but exceptional. Dr. Chris and the staff were professional and set me at ease from the moment I walked through the front door. Their friendliness and genuine caring have enabled me to get through my breast cancer experience with hope and excitement for the future. Dr. Chris's concern was for my being happy with my feminity and what he could do to preserve that. I am very happy with the DIEP flap/reconstruction results. Both Dr. Chris and Dr. Jeremy are passionate about what they do. Their experience with DIEP flap surgery gave me the confidence that this was where I belonged. My husband couldn't have been more pleased with the reports he got all through surgery. They took the extra time to make sure everything was ok and even rescheduled appointments to take care of me. My stay at Sky Ridge Medical Center was extraordinary, more like a spa stay than a hospital. Even the recuperation was not as bad as anticipated. I never felt railroaded into a procedure I did not want. The frequent trips to Denver were well worth my time and effort. I've had 2 additional surgeries to "even things up", as I had a unilateral mastectomy and the results are pretty amazing. I have had no regrets or second guessing as to whether or not I made the right decision regarding the procedure and the doctor. I know I made the right choice. I would not hesitate to recommend PMCS to anyone, and if I had to do it over again, I would definitely choose PMCS and Dr. Chris to handle my reconstructive surgery. They say they care DIEPly and they really do.
- R.M.
Switching to Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery post mastectomy and mid-reconstruction was the best choice we made. Dr. Jeremy Williams expertly took me through the process of single breast reconstruction, correcting the initial path and producing a far better result than I envisioned throughout my breast cancer nightmare. I had unilateral DIEP flap reconstructive surgery and not only do I not have an implant (as Dr. Williams used all of my own body tissue), but the outcome was also tremendous! Post mastectomy, we started with a different plastic surgeon with the "standard implant path" but realized that the outcome from that process was going to be limited and, in my case, not true to my prior self. My new left breast looks and hangs like my healthy right breast. My husband is thrilled and says that Jeremy Williams' artwork is like comparing a 6th grade drawing to a Renier! I am grateful and lucky to have found Park Meadows Cosmetic surgery to repair my body after having had breast cancer. I felt I directed my own medical path, with supportive, compassionate and highly competent "team mates" at the office, and [my patient care coordinator] caringly accommodated all my scheduling needs with a smile on her face. I am greatly indebted to Dr. Jeremy Williams for restoring my sense of femininity, which has allowed me to resume a satisfying marital life. I would be honored to help other breast cancer survivors by representing the outstanding work of Dr. Jeremy Williams in photos on your web site, or by speaking with any women caught in her breast cancer nightmare as she navigates herself through and out of the fog!
- S.K.
I received amazing care from everyone who assisted and treated me at PMCS. As a breast cancer patient, there are so many questions and the staff, nurses and Dr. Chris Williams were there for me every stop of the way. My mastectomy was scheduled quickly and my reconstruction started at the same time with tissue expanders. Dr. Chris was at each appointment to perform the “fills” and answer questions on getting through this difficult process. My surgery to place the implants was a huge success and again the doctor and nurses were wonderful. Every time I look at my new breasts I am so thankful for the amazing talents of my surgeon and his team.
- J.W.
I am so amazed at how wonderful my reconstructed breast looks. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would look so great. It is almost a perfect match to my natural breast. I can’t thank Dr. Chris Williams enough for all of the hard work and effort he put into my reconstruction. I am so grateful to have found him and his entire medical staff. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I had superb care from beginning to end. My DIEP flap surgery was complicated by tight radiated skin and a bilateral mastectomy six years earlier. I received realistic information about what DIEP flap reconstruction could do or me. I loved the outcome of my various surgeries. Dr. Jeremy always made time for me in my many follow-up visits.  The nurses were so caring and the entire atmosphere was nurturing. I had DIEP done to erase the tightness I had experienced for half a dozen years but what I got was support and restoration and a much better life.
- J.M.
In 2011, I found out my sister had breast cancer. She was just the latest in a long list of women in my family who had breast cancer or ovarian cancer. This cemented my decision to get tested for the BRCA gene.  When I found I was positive, I had many decisions to make. I met with doctors including surgeons, oncologists and geneticists. I asked for recommendations from all the experts for surgeons. Drs. Williams' names were always provided as two of the top surgeons in this area of the country. I met with Dr. Chris and eventually Dr. Jeremy to discuss my options. I felt like I was given honest, direct and complete information when I met with them. No sales jobs- these guys spoke the truth and answered all my questions. I appreciated that. Then I got on several chat sites and met two patients of the practice. Their comments were so overwhelmingly positive that I knew I had found the right practice. I don't know if I'm extraordinarily lucky but my DIEP Flap surgery (although long) went fine and I woke up with no pain. I was slightly uncomfortable but Dr. Chris came in as soon as I was in my room and soon after so did Dr. Jeremy. These two completely defy the normal view that I'm sure most people have of plastic surgeons. I have never felt more taken care of or more comfortable. My recovery went very well. At every stage, I was provided with instructions on what to do and what not to do. Dr. Chris followed up on me and was available by direct cell 24/7 (how many doctors actually do that?). I've had 2 fat graft surgeries since then and new nipples and tattoos over the last 2 years. My breasts look lovely and I feel good about myself. I'm very happy with the outcome. It was not an easy decision to remove my breasts especially since I did not have cancer yet. Having Dr. Chris as my surgeon made me feel comfortable, secure and very well taken care of. You can tell that his philosophy of putting patients first resonates throughout the whole office. The nurses are amazing and very helpful. I'm not sure why Dr. Chris chose plastic surgery as his specialty. His skills are extraordinary and I am so thankful I was lucky enough to have him as my surgeon.
- R.S.