How Does Areola Pigmentation Differ From Other Tattoos?

Breast,Cancer,Awareness,Month,In,October.,Closeup,Of,Woman,In A mastectomy, or breast removal surgery, generally involves removing part or all of the breast and, in most cases, the nipples and areolas. With secondary procedures, such as breast and nipple reconstruction, patients can achieve the appearance of natural-looking breasts after removal.

While many may choose to stop after breast reconstruction, a nipple reconstruction procedure can further restore the appearance of your breasts. A nipple reconstruction utilizes a graft of skin or skin from your breasts to reconstruct your nipples. Once it has healed, it will appear much like a nipple without pigmentation or coloring.

Areola pigmentation, also known as a nipple tattoo, can help add color and dimension to your nipples, giving them a natural appearance.

Areola Pigmentation

Areola pigmentation is a tattoo that applies pigment to the skin around the nipple, and it works the same way as receiving any other tattoo. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the 3-D areola pigmentation, but have several recommendations we can give you upon request.

What Is the Process?

Areola pigmentation utilizes a needle to create the proper shape, shading, and color of the areola – the round part surrounding the nipple.

In 3-D tattooing, if one nipple was removed, a 3-D artist can use the other to create the correct color palette for your skin. If both nipples are removed, an experienced artist can utilize their experience of color as well as photographic references to tattoo your nipples.

How Long After Nipple Reconstruction Can You Get Areola Pigmentation?

Following your procedure, you must wait at least six months before you can receive areola pigmentation. This will give your body ample time to recover, ensuring the swelling has completely subsided and the reconstructed nipple has settled.

How Does It Differ From Other Tattoos?

Areola pigmentation differs for many reasons. Unlike most tattoos, which can be painful, areola pigmentation causes minimal discomfort. Our experienced Registered Nurse, Kristy, has received special training in areola pigmentation and looks forward to helping you in the very last step of your breast reconstruction journey.

Learn More About Areola Pigmentation

If you’re interested in areola pigmentation, the doctors at The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery can provide you with exceptional results. Following your reconstruction with our team, you can return to the office in six months for areola pigmentation, or we can recommend one of our other trusted artists nationwide.

Contact our office at 303-706-1100 to learn more. We serve Denver and Lone Tree, CO, and the surrounding areas.

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