Will I Have Feeling in My Reconstructed Breasts?

Every woman’s experience with breast sensation after mastectomy and reconstruction is different. However, you won’t have the same feeling in your breasts after your surgeries as you did before. That’s because many mastectomy techniques to remove or prevent breast cancer involve severing nerves within the breast. As a result, it’s common to experience breast numbness or lack of sensation after your procedures are complete.

Factors That Impact Breast Sensation After Reconstruction

Sensation after breast reconstruction | Lone TreeThe type of reconstructive surgery you undergo can affect the amount of feeling that you retain in your reconstructed breasts. Autologous procedures that use your own tissue may offer more post-procedural sensation than implant-based surgeries. Sensory nerve reconstruction can be performed during autologous methods such as DIEP flap, which may partially restore feeling to the breast.

Nerve regrowth is another factor that can affect your breast sensation. The nerves within the breast can regrow to a certain extent after mastectomy and reconstruction. This process often takes years, and it’s not something that everyone will experience. Signs of nerve growth after breast reconstruction include tingling and other sensations in the breast.

Diminished breast sensation can be a difficult thing to accept. It may take time for you to adjust and feel satisfied with your results. There are things you can do, such as exploring new erogenous zones, that may help restore your sensuality. As time passes, many women feel comfortable with their outcome and regain their body confidence.

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