Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction

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Many women considering breast reconstruction elect to use implants to help re-form their breasts. By using tissue expanders to create a pocket for a permanent implant, our surgeons can help women regain their feminine form. Implant-based breast reconstruction is advantageous in that the same incisions used during your mastectomy procedure can be used to perform your reconstruction. You may even be a candidate for direct-to-implant (single-stage) breast reconstruction, in which an implant is placed immediately after the mastectomy, limiting the number of total surgeries throughout your breast reconstruction journey. 

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Stage One

During the first stage of your implant-based breast reconstruction, a tissue expander will be placed beneath your pectoralis major muscle. Our Colorado breast reconstruction surgeons use AlloDerm® to cover the lower portion of the tissue expander without stretching your pectoralis muscle. This allows you to achieve more rapid expansion, shortening the first stage of tissue expansion down from several months to several weeks.

Once your tissue expander has reached a satisfactory volume level, the second stage of your reconstruction can be scheduled.

Stage Two

Stage two of implant-based breast reconstruction is the main surgical procedure itself. During this procedure – which usually lasts 1-2 hours – your tissue expanders will be removed, along with any scar tissue that has developed in your breast pockets. The implants will be placed into the pockets, and one small drainage tube may also be placed into each breast. This drainage tube will be removed the following week.

You can choose to use either saline breast implants or silicone breast implants. Your surgeon will help you understand the pros and cons of each choice as they relate to your specific needs.

Stage Three

Once your implants have been placed, we will give them several months to settle before we move into the final stage: nipple reconstruction. This step can be performed by itself, or in combination with enhancement procedures such as scar revision or fat grafting. If implant edges are showing, or there are defects in your contours, fat grafting can be used to smooth these imperfections out and provide you with the best final appearance possible. Fat grafting includes liposuction of an area of your body, and then filling in those breast contours with that harvested fat.

In an ideal situation, where there is no need for post-operative radiation therapy or chemotherapy, total breast reconstruction using implants can be completed in less than 12 months – sometimes much less.

You can rest assured that during every step of the process, our experienced staff here at The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery will be ready to meet your needs and address any concerns you have.

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